More Muse Group Friction

If you caught my posts a few weeks back about some concerns with the Audacity project’s new owner, Jim Salter wrote another excellent piece that clarifies who this owner is and teases apart another bit of tension with the FLOSS community over a fork of MuseScore.

Link Rot

Finished a good long read on link rot from The Atlantic by a former colleague, Jonathan Zittrain, that went far more in depth on work recently covered on CBC’s Spark podcast. Zittrain in his usual fashion not only sets the stage and quantifies the stakes, he surveys some of the work on solutions. I think this is important now more than ever, we will need some better solutions to continue fighting this pandemic and future ones and to reflect on this unique point in our history.


I understand the urge to express free political speech, regardless of ideology. Like the rest of modern society, that now relies on technology that is not easily mastered, certainly not at the scale of Gettr. I feel some schadenfreude at the sheer weight of the Dunning-Kruger effect here yet no one deserves to have any more of their data leaked.


Achievement unlocked: leveled up to principal software developer at my day job. Super grateful for the support of all of my amazing co-workers. This promotion is intensely more meaningful as a consequence of knowing and working with all of them.


I tore apart the now massive dev ops cli tool I’ve been building for months. Is now a @rustlang multi-crate project with a core lib crate and a bin crate for each top level cmd. Not as hard as similar refactoring I’ve done with other languages. I love #rustlang.


The feeling when the first, crude piece of the new framework you are writing in #rust ( benchmarks at a whopping 5,000,000 requests per second. Even with a healthy grain of salt I am impressed.