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Hosting Mastodon in Kubernetes

One reason I was eager to use Kubernetes with my recent self-hosting upgrade was how much faster it will make experimenting with new services. Unlike my older docker-compose based setup there is an ecosystem of pre-packaged resources to add to a cluster with minimal configuration. For any custom configuration not from a package, jsonnet and kubecfg help me abstract over the often repetitive syntax for Kubernetes. The first new service I wanted to try out in my cluster was Mastodon.


Self Hosting Upgrade

I have been self hosting my own services for years. I originally started doing so to practice new skills early in my career, then increasingly for privacy by definitively owning my own data. Since I started I have added more services to enrich and control my online experience. I recently overhauled and upgraded how I self host after a few years of inertia. I am pretty happy with where my efforts led and thought I'd share a little more about what I did.