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Security Alerts for the Week Ending 7/4/2010

TCLP 2010-05-02 News

This is news cast 212, an episode of The Command Line Podcast.

In the intro, a quick update on the advertising experiment.

This week’s security alerts are Symantec plans to PGP and a massive quantity of GoDaddy hosted WordPress sites are under attack.

In this week’s news Cyber Privacy Act introduced that would use takedowns against personal info including the flaws that would go along with it, new report shows trillions contributed to the economy by fair use with specific examples of what that means though the point is how the report was produced, Mozilla releases first code for its identity system (which I briefly wrote about earlier ), and raised by Radio Shack inspired by a Wired article and resonating with Levy’s “Hackers”.

Following up this week USTR claims official ACTA draft proves prior rumors were false and MSIE9 to support HTML5 video but only with H.264.


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