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  • One next step in the wiki’s evolution merges in the social
    As Mike Melanson at ReadWriteWeb explains, this announcement for Wikipedia founder, Jimmy Wales, reveals what is coming for his commercial venture, Wikia. I am relieved that similar plans are not in the offing for Wikipedia itself. Given how Wikia has struggled to gain traction, with a rising tide of me-too services further diluting the field, embracing social features may yield a needed shot in the arm.
  • Google-Facebook hissy fit over data portability
    Mike Melanson at ReadWriteWeb has the latest turn in a largely tiresome spat between the two web giants. I think Google’s competitive zeal against Facebook is clouding their better judgment, though the messaging is pretty funny. Rather than enlisting users or sprinkling code-based caltraps, I really think Google should stick to the ideal that informs their internal Data Liberation Front. Sinking to Facebook’s level is just going to prolong the delay before data portability wins out.
  • Citizen Lab develops project to map out RIM’s concessions to government, Citizen Lab
  • European commissioner lambasts copyright middlemen, TorrentFreak

The Inner Chapters Podiobook and Unbook

My blog client ate the earlier version of this post, so bear with me as I re-write it from memory.

Several listeners have asked for the Inner Chapters segments as either standalone audio files or as text of some kind.  I’ve given these ideas quite a bit of thought and decided to work on both.  They are the reason I mentioned tweaking the production schedule for the podcast to free up some time.

I have just about completed the first episode of standalone audio.  The work involved is thankfully less than I expected.  After an afternoon in the lab, I have a project template with new intro, outro and bed music.  I should be able to produce an episode or two a week which is a good sustainable rate for a podiobook.  I’ll be submitting my first episode for review to that service this coming week.  I am testing the waters with a first volume of about ten or twelve episodes.  If it goes well, I’ll publish additional volumes until all of the existing segments have been re-released.

I am also thinking about archival CDs through PodDisc.  I need to either clear the music I’m using in the podiobook which is royalty-free only for non-commercial use or find some alternative music I can use for a commercial work.

For the text version, I have started an unbook, an idea described and explored by Jay Cross and Dave Gray.  To support this effort, I have set up a wiki.  Right now, the focus of the work is gathering all the material together in the form of my outlined notes and transcriptions of the audio.  You can help out by registering and reading the how to help section on the main page of the wiki.  Registration is required for editing only to help foil spammers and vandals, pseudonymous registrations are fine.

I plan to divide the textual material up into volumes as well.  Part of what I’ll be figuring out is how to organize the material best, probably along thematic lines.  It’s early days, yet, and I’m not even sure how long the first volume will take.  Transcription is just the first step, I am sure the material will need much re-writing and editing.

So far, Michael aka [si]dragon has been invaluable.  Not only has he been transcribing at a machine-like pace but he has helped clarify my thoughts and suggestions for future contributors.  Check the discussion page on the main topic for our discussions.  Edit that discussion to ask any questions you might have for me on conventions, coordination, etc.

I’ll post updates here as both projects progress.