TCLP 2009-08-30 News

This is news cast 189.

In the intro, the final reminder I will be at Dragon*Con over Labor Day weekend. No show on the 2nd or the 6th.

This week’s security alerts are an application the exposes how insecure the Facebook apps are building on prio warnings from the ACLU though Facebook has already promised to change its policies to address the issue and a so-called 60 second crack of WPA.

In this week’s news a new rapid application development tool for Linux building on past efforts to make development more accessible, James Boyle considers what IP law should learn from software, after last year’s FCC ruling allowing them new technical specs for white space devices start to emerge, and using anti-ferromagnetism to potentially speed disk writes.

Following up this week Nina Paley shares some positive economic data on sharing her work openly and Mozilla launches Test Swarm.


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