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  • Skype releases an SDK, it may be open
    Ryan Paul has the details at Ars. The beta for using the SDK is closed at the moment so I am guessing speculation about the SDK being open in some way has to do with it only being available on Linux. Nothing on the Skype site for the SDK mentions an open license. What I do find interesting, and prodded me to finally remark on this is that the SILK codec is available royalty free. I count myself among many who stick with Skype, despite it being proprietary, for the very high audio quality SILK provides.
  • New release of Eclipse IDE and associated tools
    I stopped using Eclipse a few weeks back because I was getting bogged down by its idiotic insistence on continually re-compiling my project. I suspect this is very peculiar to a large Java project using Maven, not to Eclipse itself. As Ryan Paul explains at Ars, this latest, on-time release developers more tools, for more languages and targets, increasing Eclipse’s scope as well as its features.
  • Mozilla committed to web standards over native code
    This Register piece actually ranges over much of the plans for the forthcoming releases of Firefox’s browser, not just the rational for not embracing native code and plugins the way Google has with Chrome. This is one of the reasons I am still a devoted Firefox user, despite claims it is bloaty or that it is being out innovated by Chrome. Mozilla strives harder to make a contribution of greater value to everyone on the web, not just their own browser, users or services.
  • iOS 4 jail broken
    Sarah Perez has the details at RWW. The break works in 3G phones and 2nd generation Touches. It will be interesting to see if this helps prove out the rumor that over-the-air updates in iOS 4 are designed to detected and disable service on jail broken devices. I am also interested in seeing how fast the mod community can mow down the new hardware, the iPhone 4. I don’t expect it to take long, once hackers can actually lay hands on the devices.
  • More research into implications of stronger copyright on digital content
  • More ideas, details on Google’s dedication to speeding up the web
  • Twitter gets warning, settles with FTC over last year’s data breaches
  • Latest IE9 preview makes strides in performance, comaptibility