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  • Hacker find iOS 4.1 bootrom vulnerability that enables jailbreak of all current hardware
    Via Hacker News. Hardly surprising that such a flaw exists, though a little bit so that it is so comprehensively exploitable. As geek.com explains, the vulnerability doesn’t look to be software fixable so owner override rules the day until the next generation of hardware emerges.
  • Amazon acquires Amie Street
    As The Register explains it, this is actually sad news. The music retailer that experimented with sliding prices based on popularity is shifting over to exclusively streaming music, winding down its download option. The silver lining is that Amazon pretty much only acquired the name, not the business model or any customer records.
  • Big content turning to DDoS for stubborn infringers
    As Slashdot points out, the big content players in question are mostly based in India though the firm performing the attacks admits to doing so on behalf of Hollywood. Regardless of legalities, especially with the thorny questions raised by international jurisdictions, this sort of attack strikes me as highly immoral.
  • Clarification on warez raid, Pirate Bay and others not affected
    Ernesto at TorrentFreak has a further follow up to the story of multiple, coordinated police raids against European ISPs the other day. Despite reporting elsewhere, the target wasn’t the Pirate Bay, nor was another BitTorrent site, both of whom TF contacted for confirmation.
  • Swiss supreme court rules against anti-piracy firm, TorrentFreak
  • Robots taught to deceive, Slashdot
  • Open source VLC submitted to Apple for approval on iPad
    Slashdot has the details, the outcome of which I am skeptical. I don’t think this is the first time someone has tried to tweak and compile the wonderfully capable media player for Apple’s mobile platform. That past effort never amounted to much. If this attempt fails, maybe the next one will only include those codecs, like Ogg and Flac, that Apple has no interest in supporting.

Clarification on VLC 1.1.0 Release Dropping Shoutcast

I linked to the news yesterday of the new 1.1.0 release of VLC dropping shoutcast support because of an anti-open source software provision from AOL. AOL controls the technology through its long ago acquisition of NullSoft.

Dana Blankenhorn at ZDNet’s Open Source blog has a clarification, that the move may not have been entirely one sided, a push from a proprietary software company trying to exclude an open source project. Rather, the provision in question would have forced VLC to bundle an adware and spyware laden toolbar for installation in users’ browsers. Instead, the VLC project opted to replace shoutcast with an open source workalike, icecast.

The article has some other details on this latest release of the open source, video swiss army knife. There is better support for GPU debugging motivated by use of VLC’s underlying libraries by some gamers. On Windows, there is an adviso on issues with ATI’s current video driver.