What News I Am Reading

old-newspaper-350376_1280One of the things I used to do was post regular link dumps. On a good day, I was able to keep these fairly short and add a comment on most or all of the stories. This type of post, for me, started as an outgrowth of my podcast. I sifted through tons of stories on a daily basis to find the handful I wanted to discuss in each news cast episode. When I stopped doing the news casts, I didn’t think it made as much sense to keep sharing these links.

My news reading has not stopped. It is unlikely to stop, it is so important to my professional life and a priority in terms of continuing to understand what matters to me personally.

A few months before Google put a bullet through the head of Reader, I switched away to a self hosted aggregator, Tiny Tiny RSS. I have been very happy with this tool. It supports everything I used to do in Reader and adds in several functions I never knew I was missing. Most importantly, the only person who can decide to shut it down is me, also its primary audience.

One of the features it offers that I use in both applications but haven’t really mentioned is sharing. I can’t remember if Reader’s sharing was internal to that application or it offered a way for non-Google users to see shared stories. At this point, it hardly matters except to point out yet another way in which Tiny Tiny RSS is superior. Anybody I set up in my server can see things I share but there is also an external feed for anyone else to use.

If you use a feed aggregator yourself, you can subscribe to my feed of shared articles. I have also added the feed over there on the right, in the sidebar of this site. That will update on a regular basis if you don’t want to subscribe but are curious about what articles I have been reading. If you follow me on Twitter, the linked items may seem familiar–they are pretty much the same so if you are happy to pick up interesting links from my Twitter feed already, then you may not need to subscribe directly to the feed.