I understand the urge to express free political speech, regardless of ideology. Like the rest of modern society, that now relies on technology that is not easily mastered, certainly not at the scale of Gettr. I feel some schadenfreude at the sheer weight of the Dunning-Kruger effect here yet no one deserves to have any more of their data leaked.

Google’s reCaptcha cracked again

A couple of important points here. What was theoretically broken was the audio alternative option in reCaptcha. Bad but not as bad as it could be. What is probably worse, though, is that an exploit has been previously published of this same option, in fact using Google’s own voice processing API’s against it. Nothing about how Google can or will shore up this vulnerability.
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GnuPG project holding a fund raising rally

Gnu Privacy Guard, an open source crypto tool compatible with OpenPGP and laterally supporting dozens of different uses is trying to raise funds for a few months of some additional developers time. I use GPG daily, including signing and encrypting my mail, securing online chats, keeping my password store safe, and so much more. Please check it out and help if you can. If you want to know more ways to use GPG, find me on Freenode at #cmdln or keybase.
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IoT security anti-patterns

Saw this on Boing Boing, thanks again to Cory. Junade Ali at CloudFlare catalogs a few practices implementing IoT devices that contribute to the overall poor state of security. Importantly, there are recommend alternatives that maintain or improve security. We clearly need more of this, alongside existing resources like the OWASP security guide, both for manufacturers and for expert users to effectively hole them to account.

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