Dr. Peter Watts, Canadian SF Writer, Beaten and Arrested at US Border

Cory shares a heart rending tale of what appears to be a completely unprovoked attack on a well regarded member of the science fiction literary world. In the note from David Nickles, a friend of Watts, there’s a link to the page containing both Watts’ CC-licenses works and, more importantly, a link where you can donate to help out with his legal defense.

I am already sensitized to the abuses that go on with over-reaching search and seizure at the US borders. This goes beyond the pale, Watts could now be facing up to two years in jail for what ultimately sounds like a false accusation, that he assaulted one of the officers. His friends certainly paint this as a totally out of character action. His own response doesn’t sound like an unrepentant criminal, rather more a confused and bedraggled victim.

Update: Here’s the link directly to the page with the donation button, just to make it easier to help out.