4th Amendment Issues Online, Peter Watts Won’t Go to Jail and Senators Chastize Facebook on Privacy Changes

  • Survey of 4th amendment issues online
    A lot of the stories upon which David A. Couillard touches in this Ars Technica piece are ones I’ve been following for a while. This is a nice way to catch up and to know what to look for moving forward. There are also some valuable definitions of terms along the way.
  • Peter Watts won’t go to jail
    Cory has the explanation at Boing Boing. It’s not clear why the judge ultimately suspended Watts’ sentence, though it is good news for him, his family and friends. It would be better news had the judge issued a stronger statement, even an indictment, of those I believe mistreated him so badly.
  • Senators directly urge Facebook to make changes on privacy
    Cecilia Kang has the story at the Washington Post. One of the four senators signing onto the letter, Schumer, is also urging the FTC to policing some privacy aspects, specifically personal info disclosures, of social networking and messaging services. The letter seems to hit the most concerning aspects of Facebook’s recent changes.