OMB Has Evolved into OStatus

I saw a link to the new OStatus site, in particular its inaugural post, on Hacker News. The launch post explains that OStatus takes advantage of a lot of other open specifications I have been following: Activity Streams, PuSH, Salmon and Webfinger. The about page explains further that OStatus is a major overhaul of the original OMB protocol authored by Evan Prodromou.

The latest version of StatusNet is already using OStatus and it appears to work quite well. I am optimistic that the shift to build on protocols that are gaining traction will see OStatus picked up by services that are using those protocols. I am still hopeful that I will eventually be able to maintain a single social presence on a site I prefer to use for its features and policies but have my social graph and information flow widely distributed instead of having to maintain multiple presences and duplicate a lot of other as I do now.