feeds | grep links > ESRB Exposes Emails of Blizzard Critics, The Size of the Orphan Works Problem, and Vimeo Adds CC Licenses

  • ESRB exposes emails of those who complained about Blizzard’s Real ID
    The exposure, according to Slashdot, happened when some nine hundred plus emails were included in a response. Ars Technica has some more details about the complaints lodged by gamers not happy with Blizzard potentially unveiling them on their forums and the board’s response to those complaints.
  • How big of an issue exactly are orphan works?
    Mike Masnick at Techdirt does an excellent job of quickly explaining the crux of orphan works, even touching on how it was a problem of our legislature’s own making. Despite wide spread support from all sides for some sort of a solution, there apparently is some question of the scale of the problem with critics dismissing it as rare. Mike points to a report that just looked at the number of orphan works in Europe alone and the findings are staggering.
  • Vimeo adds Creative Commons license options
    Via Ars Technica.