Latest in Optical Wireless

Slashdot shares a new development in optical wireless. The comments on the ISP Review piece are skeptical, hinting that there may be hurdles other than cost to this application competing with radio based wireless. I could not find a link through to any more detail on the research but the remark about dark walls absorbing too much signal has me concerned.

The commenters seem to point out another limitation, that of the need to essentially put optical hardware in each room needing to serve wireless devices. Despite the claims of working around corners, this seems more like an option for new construction to wire a concentrated area rather than doing what WiFi or WiMAX do which is cover small and large areas regardless of construction or infrastructure.

TCLP 2009-08-23 News

This is news cast 188.

In the intro, I will be speaking at the Maryland gathering for Software Freedom Day on September 19th. More details after Dragon*Con.

This week’s security alerts are new research to predict online attacks and cracking real time ID generators.

In this week’s news new research into nanoscale lasers using surface plasmons to break the previous scale limits with some more good technical detail in Ars’ coverage, an excellent discussion of transformative works, URL shortening service cheats death by opening its source and its data, and an operating system programmed in assembly.

Following up this week i4i confirms OpenOffice doesn’t violate its patent and Nina Paley shares the source files to her wonderful open content workSita Sings the Blues“.


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