Happy OneWebDay

OneWebDay started a few years ago as an occasion to contemplate the fact that no matter who you are or where you are from, we all connect through the same, singular web. It has grown quite rapidly since, thanks to the organizing efforts of partner companies and volunteers, into a day full of activities reflecting this original theme.

Jolie Odell has a good write up of this year’s OneWebDay at ReadWriteWeb. She mentions some of the organizations with which the OneWebDay folks are working. This year, it also neatly dovetails with the end of Mozilla’s public service week and she has a great quote from Mitch Kapor marking the occasion.

The remarks by OneWebDay executive director, Nathaniel James, reveal how closely the goal of the day aligns with the idea of access to knowledge and the social justice goals of Free Software. The three actually complement each other, I think, fostering knowledge sharing, high quality information tools for all, and the means through which the other two can be communicate to anyone and everyone respectively.

James also points out that this year, volunteers are not merely commemorating ideals but actually working in communities. Ideally, we should all be aware of how we can improve the opportunities of those around us on any given but today in particular is a call to put that awareness into action. Think about joining a local user group or volunteering your IT skills at your local library. At the very least, help spread the message to your friends and acquaintances who may not have heard of OneWebDay.