On the Fly Flash to Ogg Converter

Glyn Moody highlights a service I am certainly happy to endorse. TinyOgg appears to be a simple web service for consuming Flash video and converting it to a temporarily hosted Ogg Theora file which you can view immediately or download for later viewing. The temptation to uninstall Flash from all my systems is now nearly overwhelming.

Actually, what is tempting me even more greatly is to hack together a Ubiquity command to invoke this service. No doubt it could make a handy dandy bookmarklet too for everyone else.

Not surprisingly, this service is a project of the Free Software Foundation. So the stated goal of eliminating the need for the proprietary technology of Flash is not simply rhetorical. As far as I can tell, TinyOgg only works with YouTube so far but that’s still a pretty big fraction of all the Flash video out there. Apparently the ultimate goal is to add many more video sharing sites. Worth nothing, too, that the conversion should work for HD versions of YouTube videos and the services plans include conversion of audio as well as video.