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Netroots Protest of Looming NZ Copyright Law

I linked to Ars Technica’s coverage of the graduated response component of the amended copyright law in New Zealand due to go into effect at the end of this month.

The Creative Freedom Foundation in New Zealand is helping to organize a netroots protest, an internet blackout.


They are encouraging folks to blackout their icons and avatars on the social networks they use to raise awareness. They, and others, are also providing banners, like the one above, that people can sport on their web pages to raise awareness. The also have a media release and links for learning more about the pending amendments.

Kiwi blog, The TechSploder, also has an excellent write up covering the issues with plenty of links to learn more. Juha also points out the other coordinated efforts by ISPs and NGOs to oppose this bill. There is also an updated highlighting one of the more troubling problems with the bill as worded, an issue Ars and others have also pointed out, namely the overly vague definition of an ISP. This could put libraries, in particular, in the unwanted role of copyright cop.

If you live in New Zealand, do more than black out your avatar. Call your elected representatives. Let them know that graduated responses have failed to muster support elsewhere, such as in the EU, without adversely affecting trade.