Quick Security Alerts for the Week Ending 10/24/2010

feeds | grep links > Rig for Recording the Police, Feds Seek to Block XBox Hacker’s Testimony, and More

Feeling under the weather so just a few interesting links offered without comment.

feeds | grep links > Ozzie Leaves Microsoft, Developer Snafu as Neutrality Argument, and More

  • Ray Ozzie leaves Microsoft
    Cory at BoingBoing links to Dan Gillmor’s scoop at Salon. I think it is safe to reason that the all to brief FLOSS accommodation period at the Redmond giant is over. First Ramji leaves, and then the horrible OpenOffice.org attack video of the other day. Ah, well, as many have said, Ozzie is now free and likely to go on to do something more consistent with his past innovations.
  • T-Mobile cites developer mistake as defense against network neutrality
    The Register has details of the incident that caused a twelve fold spike in traffic and the inevitable “I told you so” rhetoric from the carrier. The details mentioned in the article indicate that this isn’t even a bandwidth issue but a poor understanding of how programming approaches that work fine on the wired internet can cause unexpected problems for wireless. Seems to me like a technical solution is needed, that this isn’t anything to do with neutral or discriminatory networks.
  • Profile of the MIT Media Lab, BCC via Hacker News
  • CAPTCHA breaking trail to proceed, despite problematic use of Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, Wired

Quick Security Alerts for the Week Ending 10/17/2010

feeds | grep links > IBM-Oracle Java Pact, Interactive HTTP Tool, Future of the Cell Processor, and More

feeds | grep links > In Praise of CLIs, ISPs Resisting Mass Copyright Demand Campaign, Recycling Rare Earth Metals, and More

Quick Security Alerts for the Week Ending 10/3/2010

feeds | grep links > Chrome Loses Pirvacy Feature, Google Introduces Image Format, Microsoft Sues Motorola over Android, and More

Quick Security Alerts for the Week Ending 9/26/2010

Quick Security Alerts for the Week Ending 9/19/2010