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  • TRUSTe to offer badge for mobile sites, apps
    I may sound cynical for saying so, but does anyone look for verification badge on existing web sites any more? The details at the New York Times are encouraging but I really am curious if TRUSTe’s brand still has cache in this space. Questions of trust and privacy for mobile apps and sites are certainly becoming more and more pressing, both with Apple’s heavy handed curation model and Android’s more liberal one. I just am not sure what stock users will put into the badges.
  • StatusNet releases iPhone client
    I am happy to see Evan and crew thriving. Audrey Watters at ReadWriteWeb has some details of the new app as well as an update on the company’s recent funding. I installed the app on my iPod Touch, it is pretty consistent with the portable desktop application they released earlier. One thing I would like is push support. I am also curious to see how the Android version stacks up once I get a replacement for my iPod.
  • New tablet from RIM reveals what they did with the acquisition of the QNX OS, The Register
  • Mapping the brain on a massive scale, Technology Review
  • Rewiring a damaged brain, Slashdot
  • Meego port for other Android devices
    Make had a story yesterday about a Nexus 1 running Meego, another Linux based OS designed for mobile devices. It makes sense that an Android capable gadget would easily run what could be thought of as a sibling OS. No big surprise, then, that the H expands the story today to point out that Dell’s Streak and HTC’s desire have also been made to run Meego. Sadly, as the H goes on to explain, there are issues with Android’s binary only accelerated graphics drivers for these three devices, so the Meego port is little more than a not very usable proof of concept.