No Podcast Tonight

This weekend started the long process of migrating from OSX back to Linux in my home office. I will talk a great deal more about my reasons for doing so and the plan I’ve sketched out in this coming week’s news cast. The upshot for today, though, is I spent way more time than planned getting the latest version of Kubuntu installed and running on my Mac Pro yesterday. I got exactly one story written up yesterday and at the mid-afternoon mark today I haven’t completed any more. I am mentally quite exhausted from researching various problems, taking notes, hacking config files and installing, installing, installing.

I will write up my weekend’s notes on the installation soon as I have no doubt the problems I encountered will be encountered by others looking to re-purpose Apple hardware they already bought into at least a free and open software stack. My intent throughout this whole process is to be very transparent. Already, just by microblogging a blow-by-blow of my problems, I received far quicker help than I was able to extract from various forums and mailing lists. I already owe a huge debt of gratitude to claudiom and eeefak on for helping me resolve the two major issues that were clobbering my installation and first boot attempts.

The Linux installation is currently stable, beautiful and usable for everything except audio production. I’ve built out a task list for the coming weekends to work on the audio stack a little but at a time. In the meantime, I still have a functional dual boot so I can (ordinarily) boot back into OSX to record, mix and master the show. Just not tonight.