Mozilla’s Experimental Lifestream Application

Sarah Perez at ReadWriteWeb explores a new Mozilla Labs project, sudoSocial. I’ve experimented with running my own instance of a life streaming application before. I installed and ran sweetcron on my server for a time but soon tired of it as it didn’t really help manage all the social data and interactions in which I am constantly awash and adrift.

I have mixed feelings towards life streaming applications. I desperately want better tools for aggregating and publishing my social messaging and as part of that suite capabilities to better own and manage my social identity. Despite some good independent progress, I don’t feel like sudoSocial or any other recent efforts really advance the state of play.

We have an ever increasing number of open standards from OStatus to PuSH and ActivityStreams. There are a lot of open source projects and services that partly cover the space but none that come anywhere close. The missing puzzle piece is the critical interconnection. With the standards in theory it should be very possible. In practice we need a critical mass that simply has developed yet.

I’ll add this one to the potential list, along with Raindrop, to watch for future development. I am not optimistic but am at a loss as to what might help spark better convergence amongst these different pieces-parts and most critically with the very popular, mostly closed services all the non-techies are using, forming a vast social anchor of combinatorially large dimension.