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  • Clarifying coverage of paper eroding quantum computing
    Scott Aaronson has a must read post if you follow quantum computing as I do, in particular the Ars post on a paper that proposes to undermine one possible advantage of quantum computing. In a nutshell, what the paper shows is much more limited than Chris Lee made out, in particular the findings do not necessarily apply to all models or approaches to quantumcomputing.
  • Intelligence analyst arrested over claims he leaked video to WikiLeaks
    I debated not remarking on this and still feel that there isn’t anything particularly interesting here, despite the supposed role of WikiLeaks and Adrian Lamo. Manning clearly made a huge mistake outing himself as a source of leaks and arguably an even bigger one violating the trust placed in him as a member of themilitary.
  • Australian police want to deputize Facebook
    I have to agree with Curt Hopkins in his conclusion in this RWW post. It is enough that companies not break local laws, this is asking to much, that Facebook play an active role in reporting crime and enforcing local laws. Does anyone know if the Australian police have tried this before, by way of context, with Facebook or any other such service?