Mozilla Releases JetPack SDK, Responds to Plagiarism Claim

The Register points to Mozilla’s announcement about their light weight extension platform, JetPack, moving from the Labs to near production ready with the first official release of its SDK. It is still early days, despite the announcement. The SDK still appears to be a bit light in the APIs as of yet, though more is promised soon. I wrote about JetPack previously, to help spread Asa Dotzler’s clarification of the goals of the project.

Unfortunately, the big day for the little prototype was spoiled a bit, as noted by Daring Fireball. Apparently, the skinning of the early access online IDE was pretty much plagiarized from MetaLab. The two parties have have discussed the snafu, what ultimately turns out to have been videos and screen captures of an internal theme never meant to be seen by the public. MetaLab requested and Mozilla has issued an apology.

If you read the account from MetaLab, though, this may take more time to untangle. MetaLab bid out some work to Mozilla, a proposal that was ultimately rejected. So this may have been an innocent copying by developers of their site’s design and graphics but it was nonetheless incredibly ill advised and arguably in somewhat poor taste, even if only ever meant to be used internally.