More on the Internet Bill of Rights

Nate Anderson reminds us that the MEP from the Pirate Party, Christain Engström, was not the first to propose an Internet Bill of Rights. His post on Ars Technica has an excellent survey of such proposals that have been advanced from the likes the the IGF and John Perry Barlow.

This is a nice bit of context for the latest iteration on what fundamentally is just an excellent idea whose time has come.

Pirate Party MEP Proposes “Internet Bill of Rights”

The idea which you can read more about at TorrentFreak, actually feels rather timely. We’ve seen several countries in Europe adopt access to broadband as a right, so maybe Engstrom and Andersdotter will be able to find broader support in the EU Parliament.

As much as the heart of the proposal may draw from the core principles of The Pirate Party, I am optimistic that some form of this idea could make significant headway. Even if it doesn’t become a law, exactly, it certainly should keep the momentum going on previous work that Engstrom has done along similar lines.

Not surprisingly the draft is being developed in the open so you can take a look and even contribute.