TCLP 2010-09-26 News

This is news cast 225, an episode of The Command Line Podcast.

In the intro, thanks to Steve for his latest donation which also means he gets the signed copies of Wizzywig 1 & 2. Also, an announcement of audio and feed changes to go in effect on October 3rd.

This week’s security alert is a more in-depth look at the Stuxnet worm.

In this week’s news Intel to use DRM to charge for processor features and why that is problematic, an Ubuntu designer shares his thoughts on a context aware UI, a course on the anthropology of hackers (one I wish UMD’s MITH would offer), and the FCC finalizes rules for white space devices (including details on those rules) prompting one commissioner to speculate we no longer need net neutrality rules.

Following up this week the MPAA wants to know if it can use ACTA to block WikiLeaks and one judge quashes a US Copyright Group subpoena.


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Intel to Buy McAfee

I original saw the news thanks to Glyn Moody who linked[1] to Yahoo! Finance. This really makes me uneasy, not Intel’s commitment to security which they should pursue. Rather it is the possibility that this could lead to anti-competitive practices. It would not be hard to imagine McAfee’s products evolving to make use of unpublished features on Intel cheaps or at least insider knowledge to work better than competitors in the space. It isn’t a monopoly or a trust and it isn’t traditional consolidation, either, but the possibilities still make me uncomfortable.

Does anyone have a read on how the embedded Linux and game development spaces may have been affected after they bought Wind River and Havok, respectively?

1. Intel to Acquire McAffe, Yahoo! Finance