TCLP 2010-01-17 News

This is news cast 203, an episode of The Command Line Podcast.

In the intro a quick overview on my convention schedule for this year.

This week’s security alert is just an in depth discussion of a concerning interview that revealed some internal privacy issues at Facebook.

In this week’s news I spend more time on Google’s announcement that it is reviewing its operations in China. Wired has more details from an inside source. Glyn Moody suggests a reasonable hypothesis of why now. And Mac Slocum has a bevy of opinions at O’Reilly Radar. China has also already responded. The other stories this week are an essay on the benefit of viewing HTML source and its potentially endangered future and a new initiative that may ultimately allow users to build their own laptops.

Following up this week a further refinement of the FLOSS license icons and the UK offers a compromise on the pirate catcher powers in the Digital Economy Bill.


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