Link Rot

Finished a good long read on link rot from The Atlantic by a former colleague, Jonathan Zittrain, that went far more in depth on work recently covered on CBC’s Spark podcast. Zittrain in his usual fashion not only sets the stage and quantifies the stakes, he surveys some of the work on solutions. I think this is important now more than ever, we will need some better solutions to continue fighting this pandemic and future ones and to reflect on this unique point in our history.

Lessons for technologists from historical resistance

This piece Cory shares works on a couple of levels. 1st is the simple history of how tech workers interfered with the Nazis, a theme that reminds me in all the best ways of the history and historical fiction I have read around WWII code making and breaking efforts. Perhaps more importantly, here, Cory shares a plea for modern tech workers to consider what they can do to help protect those at most risk in ways similar to our historical antecedents, translated forward to today.
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