CD and Book Giveaways

I’ve mentioned a couple of items I am giving away on the podcast but also wanted to take a moment and share some details here on the blog.

When I interviewed Randy Chertkow of Beatnik Turtle, he gave my one of a handful of CDs he had with him, all of which bore a special offer code powered by his new service, The CD is “Shamrock”, the band’s RPM entry from a couple of years ago. All of the tracks are wonderfully rocked up versions of public domain Irish folk and pub songs. The idea behind is to turn the increasingly disposable container for digital media, the CD, into a social game. You are encouraged to pass participating discs on to your friends and as you do so, you can track to where the disc is traveling. There is a free bonus download track you get from the site on receiving a disc as an incentive to participate.

I figured the best way I can help Randy with his beta test is to share this disc with my listeners and readers. If you are interested in receiving this disc, just drop me a note letting me know. That’s it, just email me. I do however only have the one disc so if more than one of you write me, I will randomly pick one person. I’ll wait until the end of the month to give everyone a chance to write in.

The other thing I am giving away are signed copies of the first two volumes of Ed Piskro’s wonderful graphic novel, “Wizzywig“. Since I bought these myself and got Ed to sign them when I met him for our recent interview, I am asking a little more from you if you want them. I will ship these signed editions to the next person who qualifies for a custom nerd merit badge. That is, the next person who donates twenty dollars or more or who signs up for any of the monthly donations options will get these books in addition to their merit badge. If you already have a merit badge, you can still get the books by making the qualifying donation, I’ll just send you the books without the badge. There is no deadline to get the books, just the fact that I only have one set, so as soon as someone snags them, they’re gone. I’ll post an update as soon as they are spoken for.

Updated: Listener Steve was the first to send in a qualifying donation so he will receive the signed books.