Podcast #46

In the intro, decompression after the week from hell at work. Also, my comments on George Zebrowski’s Macro Life.

This week’s only security alert was FireFox which fixes a possible denial of service exploit. In the Tailings, or newly christened follow ups segment, the FTC sues firms that exploited bad privacy practices to get phone records, the FCC approves a wire tap tax on ISPs, and the Broadcast Flag is back, thanks to Senator Ted Stevens.

Listener feedback this week is a screen cast of a web framework shoot out sent in by forkmantis via del.icio.us.

The hacker word for this week is heisenbug.

In this week’s news, I hope Pete Ashdown beats Orrin Hatch, WIPO broadcast treaty threatens podcasting but then gets tabled, good programming practices encouraged at RIM, and LEGO open sources next version of MindStorms.

This week’s feature is a brief rant on Network Neutrality.

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