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  • China halting rare earth mineral shipments to the US
    Slashdot links to a cluser of stories around China’s trade decision against the US, following a similar decision regarding exporting these critical minerals to Japan. A bit of recent listener feedback has me mulling over post-abundance computing, this seems to be suggestive of future concerns. Like news of limited recycling of these materials, I also wonder at the positive possibility of making the production of electronics more environmentally responsible and durable.
  • DOSBox to get emulated 3D accelerator card
    I used DOSBox to get an old game I still had on CD-ROM working a couple of years ago. Slashdot has news of the developers looking to add a “complete and faithful” emulation of the core chipset of the old 3dfx Voodoo Graphics card. I had one of those and it figures into some very fond memories of LAN parties back in the madness of the height of the dot-com bubble back in the nineties.
  • Bendable memory from nanowire transistors , Technology Review
  • Feds forced to admit it is legal to photograph federal buildings, BoingBoing
  • Google rolls out Chrome 7, Slashdot