More on Dan Bull’s “Bye Bye BPI”

enigmax at TorrentFreak posted some background informing why Dan Bull undertook his latest crowd sourced video. In a nutshell, the UK high court has ruled against The Pirate Bay in a recent case brought by several labels, an outcome that will hurt the majority of smaller, independent artists that use the platform for promotion and distribution.

A block of The Pirate Bay will not discriminate – all content will be blocked, infringing or not, and artists relying on the site to reach their fans will be unjustly penalized.

Just hours ago and after working throughout the night, UK artist Dan Bull finished his latest track which was inspired by the recent TPB ruling.

TorrentFreak got a quote from Bull that resonates with the message of the song as well as speaking to the unintended harms to innovation in the tech sector.

“The BPI claim to represent the interests of musicians like myself and the people in my video, but the fact is that only the very elite few at the top of the music business will see a benefit. The rest of us are having our internet censored and are being ushered into an age of guilt until innocence is proven,” Dan told TorrentFreak.

“The tech sector is being damaged in order to prop up a comparatively tiny and irrelevant industry which the vast majority of musicians have absolutely no need for.”

Pirate Bay Block Inspires Crowdsourced Song – Bye Bye BPI, TorrentFreak

Bye Bye BPI, Latest Protest Song from Dan Bull

Dan Bull, British hacktivist rapper, has another protest video out. This one is addressed to Jeff Taylor, of the British Phonographic Industry, the trade association representing the record labels in that country. Bull makes a point that seems to be increasingly common, that the traditional intermediaries in the music industry are simply becoming more and more irrelevant. Wathc for yourself.

This is the second recent video that Dan has crowd sourced by putting a post on his Facebook account asking for volunteers. I missed the first one but you may recognize the bald, bespectacled podcaster around the 1:25 minute mark.

It is astonishing how fast he assembles these videos, from that first call to distributing the lines he wants each person to capture right on through to the finished product. In the case of the subjects this pair of videos cover the volunteer participation really drives the message home that much more, especially considering he got far more offers judging by the number of comments on the original post than he could possible use unless he did something like a single letter per person. The quotes he includes from Stephen Fry, Thom Yorke and Joss Stone, among others, don’t hurt either.

I am still waiting for a best of Dan Bull’s protest song album. Might have to be a double album at this rate.

New Copyfighting Rap from Dan Bull

TorrentFreak, among others, pointed to a new video by copyfighting rapper, Dan Bull.

Dan organized participation by his fans via Twitter and Facebook to make the video for this latest protest song. I think high degree of participation very well demonstrates that the average person, at least the average rap listening person, gets how dangerous SOPA is to the open Internet.

Do click through and check out the enigmax’s post as it includes an exclusive quote to TF about the video, beginning with:

“As an internet geek, a musician, and a non-evil person, SOPA is abhorrent on several fronts,” Dan told TorrentFreak. “It threatens the future of the internet, which is something far more valuable both commercially and socially than the entertainment industry ever has been, or ever will be.”

I am still holding out for a greatest activist hits album from Dan, that we speculated about in the interview I conducted with him earlier this year.

File-Sharing Darling Dan Bull Publishes Anti-SOPA Rap, TorrentFreak

Copyright Protest and Parody Song, “Death of ACTA”, Taken Down

Mike Masnick at Techdirt has the gory details of Dan Bull’s “Death of ACTA” song being taken down from the file locker service, Mediafire, one of the many ways Dan distributes his works on his own. Masnick undertook the difficult job of trying to parse a take down letter that was not exclusive to Bull’s work on Mediafire.

Dan was kind enough to forward on the takedown message… and it’s a total mess. There’s simply no useful info in it other than that a French company called TF1 wants the file (and a bunch of others) off of Mediafire as quickly as possible. Now, it’s not clear what the issue is here, but it’s not difficult to take a guess. “Death of ACTA” is obviously a play on Jay-Z’s “Death of Autotune” Jay-Z’s song features prominently a sample of the song “In the Space” by French film composers Janko Nilovic and Dave Sarkys. It’s quite likely that Jay-Z licensed the sample. Not surprisingly, Dan Bull did not, but that’s the nature of creating a parody song.

Masnick also reminds us that the EU (Dan himself is in the UK) doesn’t have fair use laws as such making a parody defense difficult. I interviewed Dan recently and he knows full well his works often exist in a troublesome legal gray area. He also doesn’t rely on only a single means to offer his songs and videos to fans. More likely this take down will serve as an opportunity to highlight the idiocy that the song itself speaks to in copyright law rather than interfering with Dan’s ability to produce his art and connect with his fans.

I would love to see Dan, or perhaps one of his creative fans, create a meta-rap about the takedown of the rap complaining about the overreach of intellectual monopoly like poorly justified takedowns.

‘Death Of ACTA’ Song Taken Down In Copyright Claim, Techdirt

Latest Video from Copyfighting Rapper

Dan Bull’s activist, rapping (rap-tivist?) songs and videos have addressed many recent copyright skirmishes from the hypocritical ravings of Lily Allen to the trauma of internet disconnection once promised under the Digital Economy Act. enigmax at TorrentFreak was the first to share Bull’s latest, targeting ACTA. (Although Mike Masnick at Techdirt told us it was coming yesterday as part of a case study of Bull’s work that is also well worth the read.)

TorrentFreak got in touch with Dan Bull for an interview to go along with the release of his latest work. If you are unfamiliar with ACTA, its a good way to get caught up on the broad strokes of the concerns over the trade agreement. If you like Bull’s work as much as I do, go to his store where you can sample his debut album for free or better yet send him a donation.