FCC Will Attempt to Re-Classify Broadband Providers

Cecilia Kang at the Washington Post broke the news even as I was typing my post on Chairman Genachowski’s seeming to let go on the issue and the Congressional letter advising him to stay the course.

The formal announcement of Genachowski’s decision to pursue re-classification after all will come tomorrow. As Kang explains, it will be followed by a period of public comment before being voted on by the full commission. Kang’s sources cite the very letter PK’s Brodsky wrote about as prompting the chairman’s latest decision.

The only other thing we know is that the announcement will not reveal a full shift of broadband providers to common carriers under Title II of the Telecommunications Act but some compromise between that and the current state of de-regulation. I can’t wait to see what that actually means in more concrete terms.

As I suggested in my last post on the subject, I hope that means at a minimum that the FCC will force ISPs to cough up concrete information on their network management practices so we can complete our picture of what is really going on in the network. Whatever action follows from that would at least be made fully informed, which I think is key, especially if the plan is to use as little regulation as possible.