More Muse Group Friction

If you caught my posts a few weeks back about some concerns with the Audacity project’s new owner, Jim Salter wrote another excellent piece that clarifies who this owner is and teases apart another bit of tension with the FLOSS community over a fork of MuseScore.

Who is Muse

Libre Arts has a good write up from May on the formation of Muse (aka Ultimate Guitar) and their spate of acquisitions, including Audacity. Audacity isn’t the first FLOSS they acquired. The comments speculate on how they actually acquired something that in theory is free.

Next Question

Jim Salter at Ars Technica has more on the Muse/Audacity story. The changes haven’t been released yet, coming in 3.03. The community of Audacity users responded months ago. The next question I have is whether Muse has any sort of authentic alignment with Audacity and FLOSS generally.