Advertising Policy

I take my responsibility towards the community I’ve fostered with the web site and the podcast seriously.  I recognize that by maintaining the topical focus I have over the past handful of years, I have set up a deep expectation about the type of content I provide.

I produce and maintain all of this content free of charge, out of my own pocket.  Most of the value I personally derive from it is non-financial, in the form of amazing, mostly serendipitous opportunities that I would never have been able to realize otherwise.  I am open however to ways to help cover the minimal ongoing cost involved.  This includes advertising.

To fulfill my obligation to the community I’ve fostered, any advertising I accept–including but not limited to simple link placement anywhere in the content, graphical ads of any kind, audio inserts, or even sponsorship–must not only be of value to me in terms of the potential revenue I might earn but even more importantly must be of value to my audience.  First and foremost that means that potential advertisers or sponsors must strongly align with the interest in technology and the network society it has fostered that are the common threads throughout this particular community.  I will not endorse any products or services that are either irrelevant to my audience or incompatible with my deeply held convictions about free software and free culture.

Abuse of the precious attention of my audience will not be tolerated.  I will not consider any relationship that forbids me from continually assessing the value to my audience and terminating at will if I believe the community interest is no longer being served.  I also reserve the right to terminate any relationship that changes such that it is no longer compatible with free software or free culture.

I absolutely, positively will not entertain offers of pay for post.  Advertising and sponsorship exclude writing any kind of advertorial as part of the main content of the site or the podcast.

If you are a potential advertiser or sponsor and think you can meet my requirements, please contact me.  If you are a reader or a listener and feel I have lapsed in the execution of my responsibility to this community, let me know.  My convictions do not lead to an easy litmus test but rather require constant engagement both with my audience and with current and potential advertisers and sponsors.