The podcast and the blog are free for you to consume however you like and honestly only cost me a little bit to cover hosting. I appreciate any and all help in defraying those costs.  There are many ways you can help do so.

You can make a one time donation of any amount.

If you really want to make a difference in my ability to keep producing the blog and podcast, a small recurring monthly donation would be hugely appreciated and would directly offset a significant fraction of my costs.

All of the donation buttons are powered by PayPal and you may unsubscribe from recurring donations at any time.


Maybe you don’t want to donate every month to every project you want to support or are concerned about having to send a large enough amount to make the PayPal fee worth it.  Flattr is a new way of sending micropayments that minimizes the impact of transaction fees on the sender and the receiver.  To send money to your favorite projects by Flattr, you just click a button on their web site or in Flattr’s directory of “things”–text, video, audio, software, whatever.

You add funds (currently only through PatyPal) to  Flattr once a month.  That money gets divvied up equally across all the projects on whose Flattr button you clicked, letting you subdivide your support much smaller than is practical otherwise.  All the Flattr clicks a creator receives get summed up, making it easier for us to manage incoming donations as a larger sum rather than the original micropayments.

You do have to have a PayPal account and registration (currently in invite only beta) is required.  But if this model sound interesting to you, I have set up buttons throughout the web site so you can Flattr whatever specific content you like or the web site and podcast as a whole.


If you don’t have the spare cash to support the site and show financially, you can still help out.  Go to the promos page and download one of the audio segments to either play on your podcast or to send to your favorite podcasters and ask them to help by playing it.  If you have access to recording gear, you can also participate in the ongoing, open collaboration that I used to produce my promos.


I would welcome an advertiser or sponsor for the podcast similar to the principled and focused work AdBard did before they shut down if anyone is interested. If you have any thoughts on the question of acceptable advertising and sponsorship, I welcome them.

To replace AdBard for the time being, I’d swapped in a widget from Amazon. Using that to search or just to click through and shop generates a small amount of revenue. I cannot tell who viewed or purchased what so it is a relatively simple, private way to help support the site and podcast.