The Inner Chapters

Inner Chapters, Vol 1-300The Inner Chapters journal my own quest to improve in the craft of programming.  Each chapter reflects on a specific practice or principle through the lens of my own experiences both as a professional and an enthusiast.  The name refers to the Chinese classic of philosophy, the Chuang Tzu.  Divided into two sections, the Inner Chapters make up the first part attributed to the philosopher Chuang Tzu himself.  The commentaries on the first section, written by his students and others, are known as the Outer Chapters.  I hope you will contribute to my Outer Chapters by sharing your own thoughts and experiences on growing as a programmer.

The Inner Chapters is an ongoing series of audio essays produced as part of The Command Line Podcast.  The first set of these essays has now been collected as a podiobook with future volumes planned to collect the rest.  You can subscribe to a regular RSS feed or register at and generate a custom feed to listen on your own schedule.  If you enjoy the podiobook, please make a donation through their site; it supports the service and I get a considerable portion of that donation.

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