Spent the day today at a team building event, with one more day of it tomorrow. Been to more than a few work retreats, team building things. Always interesting to observe the diffs, good & bad.

Failing at Temperance

Chris Miller posted a while ago about Benjamin Franklin’s thirteen virtues that he explains in his autobiography. I’ve been thinking about them a lot recently. Franklin cultivated a practice of rating himself each day on how he did well or poorly at embodying each virtue. There are a lot of web sites and apps and such to help a modern person do the same. I am not sure that practice is for me but I am trying to process something that is inline with my regular habits. I’ve been mulling over an essay on the non-programming traits and abilities key to success at professional software development. Franklin’s virtues seem like a good frame for some or all of that piece. I think there is also a series of posts for my other site exploring each on a more personal level. I have a nicely formatted copy I brought to keep at my desk at work. One of the virtues, the first actually, is temperance: “Eat not to dullness; drink not to elevation.” Sadly, today in pursuing tranquility (“Be not disturbed at trifles, or at accidents common or unavoidable.”) by grabbing some food from a local deli and enjoying it in the surrounds of a nearby park, I think I ended up eating to dullness. Now I am wondering what other subsets of virtues might lead to similar tensions.

Regrowing Social Connections

I have been thinking about real world social outlets after this past year has closed so many doors. Looking through, it seems like there are some things worth exploring for a geek of my proclivities. Definitely feel it is worth pursuing a bit more intentionally than in the past, for instance trying something Andrea is likely to enjoy and has a good mix of couples. Would also be nice to find something friendly to a family in our situation, with older children, as so many of the options I’ve encountered so far cater more to a younger set. Low drama would be good, too, but no idea how to screen an opportunity for that or just be willing to pull the rip chord early and often.


Test drive of new drivable computer was great. Doing paperwork now. Only two hiccups. They pulled the wrong stock number at first, for a much more expensive car. Near to gave me a heart attack. And they are having a hell of a time getting the old plates of my trade-in. Hopefully everything else will go smoothly and we can head home soon.

Details on Current POSSE Setup

This post should only go to those places that support content of unlimited length. This will test some of my latest setup changes as well as share some insights into my current thinking in advance of a more fleshed out blog post. Basically, I popped for the pro upgrade for SNAP which lets me add more than one account per service. I add the same account a second time for each but configure each copy of the service a bit differently. One I configure to autopost anything in my usual blog categories with a template that includes an excerpt and a link. That mirrors a pretty typical setup of autoposting with a lot of common tools. The second copy of the service I configured to only autopost from specific categories I created for social sharing. The template I set on those pushes the full text of my post, without a link, so the result looks like I posted directly myself. I have auto-import configured for both copies of each service so all the social activity gets captured back to this my sites. For those special categories, I exclude them from my own feeds since they will be noisier, as well as my main page but they are visible in my site archives and if you view the respective categories directly. I set up three as follows: Life Stream to autopost everywhere which is useful for shorter updates, Short Form for when I want something to only got to Twitter like breaking up a longer update into multiple parts, and Long Form for when I want something to go out as is without worrying about length constraints (like this post.) I feel those latter two will let me write longer updates for appropriate syndication then re-write into multiple shorter updates if desired for the rest.