So my choices for programming tasks recently have been a project using a stack I consider out-dated, a project that is effectively a UI developer’s playground, or personal projects. No wonder I end up working on the last pretty much all the time.

Returning to Dragon*Con

So, this is a thing: spur of the moment, I am going to Dragon*Con. 1st time in five years. Turns out a dear friend ended up on her own, with too much hotel room and a guest of badge, as an invited participant. The air fare is a bit of a pinch and the flight down will be a tad grueling but I won’t have to use any PTO. Will be worth it to see friends I haven’t seen in five years and enjoy one of the largest cons in the country.


Interesting observation from recent technology related discussions: people are quick to use hypotheticals to assail a view they disagree with, just as quick to reject them when defending their own. The rhetoric seems to run towards this: for the former “If we do that, how do we possibly support situation X?” and the latter “Lets’ be practical, situation X doesn’t apply now and probably never will.”

Lunch Talk

I have been working on a presentation for a lunch talk at work, on testing in JavaScript. I had been struggling with a framing and approach that appealed for such a complex subject. By trying to keep some kind of story in mind, really my own coming from testing older technologies, it finally clicked. Now I am excited to finish the slide deck, before it was hard to find the motivation.

Longer Break

After a wonderful long weekend, thinking about how great an entire week off would be. I’d spend the time just writing, thinking, reading, playing and being with my family. I really enjoy my job but feeling a bit of personal life rooted emotional strain all the same.

Doing Better

I am doing better since this morning. Mostly because a bedevilling bug randomly disappeared. Concerning since I don’t know why but less stressful. I realize I may seem overly down on this job but the hardest day is still better than most good days at the last job.

Mixer Working

I couldn’t leave well enough alone. I hate having an unsolved tech puzzle. I was up early anyway, this morning, so tinkered a bit more with my mixer, installing Ardour4. Turns out everything works when allowing Ardour4 to direct drive and configuring to just use ALSA. I had no idea ALSA supported firewire but apparently it now does, all channels seem to be present and working. Long story short, I will be recording again no later than this coming weekend.