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Hosting Mastodon in Kubernetes

One reason I was eager to use Kubernetes with my recent self-hosting upgrade was how much faster it will make experimenting with new services. Unlike my older docker-compose based setup there is an ecosystem of pre-packaged resources to add to a cluster with minimal configuration. For any custom configuration not from a package, jsonnet and kubecfg help me abstract over the often repetitive syntax for Kubernetes. The first new service I wanted to try out in my cluster was Mastodon.


Into the Fediverse

I am enjoying a week off, to celebrate fifty years so far on this planet. I thought I'd write as part of this time I made for myself. I have been self hosting my own services for a while--email, web sites, shared contacts and calendars, RSS aggregator, and others. I recently upgraded and expanded my fleet. I now host a couple of instances of Mastodon. One of them is the social outlet of this site,