Working hands on with technology is my first love but I also enjoy working in a leadership role. I find peer mentoring and supporting the professional development of team members immensely satisfying. I like to have a stake in the design of the system I am building and am convinced that superior design depends on direct feedback from coding. My most recent experiences as a leader have allowed me to stretch to participate more directly in the overall strategic direction of projects and organizations. At the same time, I have expanded my capabilities to better take on higher level needs like funder/customer management and departmental and project budgeting and planning.

I enjoy working with the leading edge of technologies, exercising my ability to learn and apply new skills as needed to solve challenging problems. Most recently, that learning has extended to non-technical roles, to see that the challenges involved with growing and support project teams and organizations can be just as rewarding as solving technical problems. As a manager, the breadth of technologies to which I have been exposed and have been required to support has expanded as well. While I favor free, libre and open source technologies, that is tempered by coming to understand that the greatest impact results from meeting people where they are and supporting them through understanding the trade offs and benefits involved in meaningful adoption and use of technology.

I would find a job that combined any of my interests in public policy, free software,  or new media with technology most rewarding.

You can download my full resume in a couple of formats. Email is the best way to contact me initially, I will happily share my complete contact information with qualified leads.

You may also view my public profile on LinkedIn for some more detail and recommendations from my personal and professional network.

For examples of my work, you can check out my open source projects. flashbake is a tool to help non-technical users, primarily authors, merge their lifestream into the commit history of a version control repository.  medallion is a JSON web token library written in Rust that supports RSA crypto operations. Navel is a Java library to provide dynamic programming and aspects to plain old JavaBeans. You can see all my open source work at github.