My podcast has been nominated twice for a Parsec award, winning one and qualifying as a finalist more recently.

Winner for 2007 Best Technology Podcast

Finalist for 2010 Best Fact Behind the Fiction Podcast


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Last week I did an interview with Tom from the Command Line podcast, and I was immediately struck by how knowledgeable and quick Tom was on the subjects that I care about — technology, civil liberties, and social change. Curious, I downloaded some of the previous episodes of his podcast and found them to be even better than I’d hoped — thoughtful, informative, and deep, a real plunge into the geeky end of the news-pool. There’s great analysis and rumination, as well as detailed explanations of important security issues with common OSes and so on. Tom’s just posted the episode with my interview, but don’t stop there — I’ve added this one to my subscription list.

Cory Doctorow, Boing Boing

The Command Line podcast is one of the most well rounded technology shows I’ve listened to. It is very well produced, arrives on time and is a very mature show. I have to say that my choice of “mature” is not by accident, let me explain.

This show concerns itself with complex issues such as copyright, tech topics including programing code while still taking some time to address the human side. With reflective episodes that take a step back from programming to look at the programmer himself, this is the first podcast that I have listened to that insists on remembering the humans who participate in the technology of today.

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