Posted by Thomas Gideon on 6 July 2024

I have resumed restoring posts from my archive. I am prioritizing essays and podcasts. I also am looking back at posts from today's date that I posted in years past. In addition to fix inbound link rot, I am hoping that re-familiarizing myself with my past writing might lead to me writing here more than I have been regularly.

I switched off of WordPress a few years ago. I have an export of the old site and even found a tool to convert into markdown that is close to the format my site generator uses. Restoring a post still involves some editing by hand, especially for podcast episodes. My old WorPress set up had a plugin that made publishing episodes a little easier. I have to manually replace what that plugin generated. I may write some scripts or other automation to help. We'll see.

For now, I am enjoying the trip into my own site's past. I am leaving the link posts behind but am choosing to restore some news posts. They aren't exactly topical any more but they are part of my writing.

To be honest, the work to restore my archives is a little bit of "sneaking up on myself" as we say in our household. I want to write here more and continue to fail to do so. I think see how casual much of my writing has been may help. I started this site and the podcast for myself but often stray into thinking about the audience. When I do, that is when I struggle most with motivation.

What is worth saying? How best can I say it? I easily get trapped in my head, not writing and hence not processing what I am reading and learning. I could become embarrassed at my old writing but instead find it inspiring, especially when I find posts where I clearly am more interested in a story or idea for my own curiosity rather than any other concern.