Migrating Content

Posted by Thomas Gideon on 18 December 2021

You may have noticed more content showing up here on the new site. Some of it, like this post, is new, part of my effort to get back into regular posts. The rest is content from the old site that I have started migrating over to the new site.

I don't have a clear plan on how, what, and when I will migrate. Today I wanted to get the last post I wrote about a career transition onto the new site. I am working on a new post about my most recent transitions. I am still in the outline stage and hope to get a draft done over the upcoming break. I wanted the older post for context and porting it helped me identify some other, related posts to port so that none of the links broke.

I brought over the last episode of the podcast, too, in order to work on the new feeds. The podcast has been removed from the popular directories. I am not sure I will re-submit. I am not thrilled about how enclosed podcasting has become by the newer, commercial platforms. Podcasting isn't about a platform, it is about being able to use open technologies and standards to share your voice. I prefer to model that value by highlighting my feeds, when they are ready again, rather than funneling listeners to proprietary platforms that do not support open subscriptions.

I started this site and the podcast after fifteen years ago. There is a lot of dead weight I do not plan to port, primarily old link dump posts and life stream updates. If there was a favorite essay that you had bookmarked, let me know. I will continue to cherry pick old content most likely when I write something new on the same theme.

If you notice anything wrong or not working, do let me know.