One Reason I am Increasingly Struggling to Speak about Tech Policy

Posted by Thomas Gideon on 18 December 2017

Technology policy is hard to follow for the interested and invested. It is harder for a blogger and podcaster like me who wants in some way to make the legitimately complex issues in some way more understandable, to hopefully increase the number of people engaged in the very important, public discourse around these policy matters.

Mike Masnick at Techdirt unpacks a bit of Internet outrage around yet another tone deaf move by current FCC chair Pai. The sentiment that I think best sums up a piece that still is definitely worth the read is rightly angry but for the wrong reasons.

Why this is demotivating to me, on top of an an unrelated and overall lower energy level lately for all things technology lately, is that it makes the actual policy work so much harder. Signals from the public like open protests and calls to representatives are a very important contribution. However, when the rationale expressed in them is off base, if fuels exactly the kind of disregard that was critical to Pai and his supported in rolling back the rules around Network Neutrality.

Source: This Whole Mess With Ajit Pai, The Harlem Shake And Copyright Is Bad And Everyone's Wrong. | Techdirt