Correction: Minor Technology Podcaster

Posted by Thomas Gideon on 12 June 2017

The morning after each podcast release, I give the episode listen for quality and correctness. During my drive this morning, I cringed as I heard myself say, "minority technology podcaster" when talking about how I think of myself with regards to a broader point in the episode.

I immediately realized that I very badly misspoke: what I should have said was "minor technology podcaster" or better yet "D-list technology podcaster."

I have a very transparent online presence and it is easy to see that I am in no way a minority, quite the opposite. Not everyone has a reason or opportunity to check me in this way, hence the correction.

I do not want to mis-represent myself as that is at best wrong and at worst harmful. I will include a comment in the next episode, as well. The context of the remark was hopefully not problematic. I think it is worth being abundantly clear and honest when making mistakes like this. Misspeaking is a risk of doing an extemporaneous episodes, I hope my misstatement does no harm and that I can chalk it up to a learning experience.