GOP aims at FCC net neutrality repeal

The contours of this move to repeal are similar to the privacy rules repeal. Not only would it undo the open internet order, it would prohibit the FCC from making a similar future rule. The privacy rule repeal was a good warm up for this fight though we should not take any outcome for granted.

In other coverage, I have seen similar reasoning from the right that this is about moving regulatory oversight to the FTC. That seems like a mere fig leaf given that agency’s current lack of teeth.

The left seems to be playing pure defense, here, which is necessary for sure. So far the democrats seem unanimously opposed to this bill (still doesn’t mean we should take its defeat for granted.) I would really love to see a counter bill introducing an Internet title that starts to hammer out a clear, regulatory basis for expectations of privacy, network neutrality, and more.

ISPs would gain the freedom to block and throttle websites and applications.

Source: GOP’s “Internet Freedom Act” permanently guts net neutrality authority | Ars Technica

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