Malware that permanently disables non-secure IoT devices

Karl Bode at Techdirt has a good corollary to the article I shared earlier today about the hajime worm. The motivations are arguably similar between that worm and these PDoS malwares. The approach in the latter case is much more drastic, to so badly damage the targeted devices so as to remove them from the Internet.

In the case of PDoS malware, I think it is easier to see that this is a terrible idea. Sure, the IoT powered botnet last year was terrifying in how much greater its scale was as compared to PC powered botnets. And future IoT based networks are just going to be much much worse. However, this is a huge mis-alignment of incentives. How does punishing a consumer going to result in improved security? It might deter some from buying IoT devices but the issues firmly reside on the supply side. Manufacturers need to take security serious, especially since by design these devices are not amenable to users doing anything to patch around the risks.


Source: Malware Hunts And Kills Poorly Secured Internet Of Things Devices Before They Can Be Integrated Into Botnets | Techdirt

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