Think twice about signal jamming ISPs tracking

The pull quote nails it in a nutshell. The article is still worth reading just as new projects like Internet Noise still have value even if not for the apparent purpose: they raise awareness of the trails you leave online and how they may be used in ways with which you are not strictly comfortable.

Honestly, the limitations of technical approaches are exactly why the preclusion of future FCC privacy rules, barring new legislation, is so disastrous. We need a holistic approach to protecting consumer privacy that involves individual awareness, market forces and constraints, policy, design and norms.

“The main problem with these sorts of projects is that they rely on your being able to generate plausible activity more reliably than your adversaries,” says privacy expert Parker Higgins, formerly of the Electronic Frontier Foundation. “That’s a really hard problem.”

Source: Wanna Protect Your Online Privacy? Open a Tab and Make Some Noise | WIRED

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  1. Agreed, The pull quote is much more informative than the headline, but of course, it’s not the headline’s job to be informative, just to get you to click, unfortunately.It also has the effect of increasing bandwidth usage (not hugely, but not everyone has ample, cheap bandwidth) and making other potentially useful statistics less “true” , sucha as bandwidth and usage monitoring for network management, backup scheduling during network/ processor downtime or anything else that might rely on real temporal data.

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