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  1. I have been scrambling to come up to speed on the MEAN stack during the past month or so, with my last exposure to real JavaScript about six years in my rear view mirror. I feel like I have done an obstacle course every day.

    1. My main project at work is React instead of Angular and my first few months on it felt the same. Mostly I feel like I have a grip until an IE11 bug pops deep in some code React and Babel generated. Feels just like digging through the layers of crap when Spring’s abstractions start leaking.

    2. My biggest challenge is understanding the Node and Angular-specific idioms. Going from an interface-driven IoC Java runtime to modules has made my head hurt a little, especially when wanting to “inject” mocks or test doubles, or trying to write modules in an idiomatic way (i.e., good module design practices) vs. getting it done right now.

    3. Yeah, I get that. I guess I did Java long enough to have experience that predates IoC plus experience in other languages like C where modular was often the best you could do. All the same, node modules are indeed their own thing. I found modern writers like Doug Crockford and Kyle Simpson to be helpful even if those two in particular ultimately are advocating very different ways of thinking about JS.

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