22 Replies to “Losing Patience”

    1. One debater is less experienced so struggling to articulate his perspective, the other is notoriously opinionated. Honestly, since everything we are dealing with is Turing complete (with the possible exception of Perl *shudder*) it really boils down to programmer preference.

    1. I’m compelled to agree with James. During an interview a manager once declared to me as an excuse for never replacing code once it’s written: programmers can only write bad code. Luckily, that’s not true—it’s possible to improve with the benefit of experience. With regard to languages, it’s true some are objectively superior in both general and specific cases. Unwillingness to have these arguments—sound and reasonable arguments, mind you—we’d still be using truly archaic and arcane tools.

    2. My point is how we engage, not that we do or do not engage. I have no patience with a discussion that is aimed at anything other than improving shared understanding. My X is better than your Y rarely serves that end.

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